Cabinets, Hutchess, Armoires and Dressers Removal

cabinets removal

Cabinets, Hutchess, Armoires and Dressers Removal

Need new cabinets, hutches, armoires, or dressers for your home or office? Or are you relocating and need to remove your old furniture? If that is the case, we can help. David’s Hauling is here to help you with any heavy lifting that has to be done.

We know that dressers, armoires, hutches, and cabinets can be expensive and challenging, especially if the person moving them does not have the proper tools, manpower, or prior moving experience. Because of this, our team of qualified specialists is outfitted with the tools and the knowledge necessary to remove your furniture in a manner that is both safe and efficient, regardless of the size or weight of the pieces.

At David’s Hauling, we take great pride in being able to provide services for the removal of furniture that is timely, trustworthy, and reasonable. When we arrive at your site, our experts will go to work removing your cabinets, hutches, armoires, and dressers as swiftly and safely as possible while taking extra precautions to ensure they are not harmed in the removal process. Here are a list of items we can recycle from your old furniture:

Wood: If the dresser, hutch, armoire, or cabinet is built of wood, it is frequently recyclable or can be burned as fuel.

Metal hardware: You may frequently recycle handles, hinges, and other metal hardware as scrap metal.

Glass: If the hutch or cabinet has glass shelves or doors, the glass is frequently recyclable.

Mirrors: Mirrors can be recycled, but you should first ask your neighborhood recycling facility if they take them.

Drawer pulls: Drawer pulls can frequently be reused in other projects or recycled as scrap metal.

Shelves: If the cabinet or hutch has movable shelves, you can frequently repurpose the shelves for different projects.

Lighting fixtures: If the hutch or cabinet has lighting fixtures, you may frequently recycle the fittings as scrap metal or donate them to a charity shop.

Particleboard: This material, which can frequently be recycled to create new items, is used in the construction of some cabinets, hutches, armoires, and dressers.