Exercise Equipment Removal

Exercise Equipment Removal, Disposal & Recycling in Kansas City

Exercise Equipment Removal

David’s Hauling is committed to encouraging people to lead active and nutritious lives. Exercise equipment like treadmills, stationary bikes, and weight sets are important for staying fit and healthy, but upgrading or replacing them can be a hassle.

We understand the importance of having your workout equipment removed quickly and reliably. If you are upgrading your fitness setup, you can rest assured that our qualified professionals will safely remove and dispose of your old equipment.

Some common exercise equipment machines that David’s Hauling often remove are:

  • Treadmill Removal
  • Stationary bike Removal
  • Elliptical machine Removal
  • Weight bench Removal
  • Home gyms or multi-station machine Removal
  • Rowing machine Removal
  • Stair steppers or step machine Removal
  • Abdominal exercise machine Removal
  • Inversion tables or gravity boot Removal
  • Power towers or pull-up bar Removal


Along with offering environmentally safe disposal alternatives, we also care about the environment. Keeping your old exercise equipment out of landfills is a priority. Therefore we will recycle as much of it as we can. Instead, we’ll ensure the resources are recycled or reused to cut down on waste.

Don’t put off buying new exercise equipment because of the trouble of getting rid of your old stuff. If you need removal or recycling services quickly and dependably, call David’s Hauling to get your exercise equipment removed today!