The Importance of Regular Exterior Cleaning with Power Washing

Exterior Cleaning with Power Washing

UV radiation, dust, grime, algae, mold, insects, and other dangerous pollutants wreak havoc on homes year-round. This results in black streaks forming on roofs, accumulation on siding, and embedded stains in driveways. So, how can we stop this from occurring? Frequent upkeep is the solution. Power washing your property regularly is beneficial. 

When Is It Time to Power Wash My Home?

A minimum of one power wash should be performed on most properties annually. Power washing your siding will make it last longer, reducing the need for repairs and the frequency of replacements. Power washing the exterior of your home can make it look brand new.

The location of your home is one of the main determinants of how frequently you should power wash it. Your home will become dirty more quickly if you live in a relatively new development with a lot of construction due to the dust from gravel and dirt trucks driving on the roads in front of your house. These circumstances will necessitate more frequent exterior cleaning of your property; you can tell by simply looking at it that it is faded and needs a thorough power wash. 

Similarly, if you have multiple trees close to your house during a wet season, they could drip sap or rainfall from the leaves and limbs, leaving you with green stains on your roof and siding. These stains should be power washed to prevent them from becoming embedded in your building materials and damaging them, necessitating replacement siding or roofing in some places.

What are the Benefits of Power Washing?

Increases Curb Appeal: Although pressure washing isn’t solely about looks, it is important to note that pressure washing can significantly alter the exterior of your house and place of business. The amount of visible difference between using a pressured washer and not is absolutely astonishing. 

Curb appeal is crucial for both houses and companies. Whether you agree with this statement or not, many consumers base their decisions about the quality of your products and services on how your building looks. As a result, improving the curb appeal of your commercial property can enhance sales.

Keeping Your Home Safe Through Cleanliness: While it goes without saying that maintaining good hygiene is essential to keeping ourselves healthy, many people are unaware of the immediate effects that clean external surfaces may have on the safety and health of our family members, coworkers, and even pets when it comes to our homes and workplaces. The buildup of dirt and filth gives bacteria and vermin—known to carry disease—the ideal environment for growth. Furthermore, if the damage is permitted to worsen, it may expose the interior of your building to disease-causing spores.

Everyone in the building is kept safe by pressurized washing, eliminating the possibility of disease-causing microorganisms and making the environment less inviting to rodents. Additionally, pressure washing removes accumulated pollen and mold from your surfaces, so it can assist people who are allergic to pollen to feel less miserable.

Avoids Damage: What damage may moss and dirt cause to a house? Turns out: quite a bit. The buildup of dirt, moss, grime, and other materials on your building or outdoor objects can erode surfaces and result in corrosion. They can harm the materials beneath, such as the wood on your deck or your vinyl siding, paint, concrete sealer, and other surface coatings.

Surface coatings and materials degrade with time, leaving everything beneath them susceptible to damage, so the damage doesn’t simply affect surfaces. This implies that dampness, rodents, and other intruders may be able to enter your walls from the outside, which might seriously harm the building’s integrity and cause you a great deal of discomfort.

In the tiny cracks that every building has, dirt and other materials also tend to accumulate. The dirt can build up for years, out of sight and out of the wind and rain, until the cracks are full of bacterial breeding grounds.

Pressurized washing removes debris, moss, dirt, and other materials from your surfaces. It also reaches into the smallest spaces to force out all the accumulated accumulated over time, preventing further damage and saving the property owner a great deal of trouble.

Why It’s Better to Leave Pressure Washing to the Experts

We hope that you now have a better understanding of the significance of pressure washing for your residence or place of business. Though you might be tempted to try doing it yourself, this task is best left to experts like the amiable staff at Mr. Handyman of West Knoxville. The benefits listed below will help you understand why pressure washing is best left to skilled hands.

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