Jingle Hauls: Clearing the Clutter for a Merry Christmas

Jingle Hauls Clearing the Clutter for a Merry Christmas

The holidays undoubtedly evoke memories of warm nights by the fireside and the nostalgic aromas of gingerbread cookie baking. But even the excitement leading up to the holidays might feel a little crazy.

Whether you’re in charge of the mayhem around Christmas or not, you should set aside some time to tidy and organize your area. Like decluttering your house room by room is the key to spring and fall cleaning, deep cleaning and pre-organizing your home can help reduce the chaotic vibes that come with the holidays. Whatever your style, this easy-to-do list will clear out unnecessary clutter and infuse your house and mind with new life in preparation for a joyous holiday season. David’s Hauling is a trusted junk removal service in Kansas City; we wish you a wonderful holiday season!

Summer Clothing Stored: Sadly, it’s time to store your beloved breezy seersucker dresses and bucket hats till next season. Change out your summer seasonal clothes (tank tops, shorts, caps, swimwear, and so forth) and pack them neatly in clearly labeled clear totes to reclaim your closet and dresser drawers. Adding a dryer sheet or a new bar of packaged soap will help ensure that your clothes stay fresh while they are put away.

Preparing Your Kitchen for the Holidays: The kitchen is the center of the house in any season. Give this corner of your house more attention when doing your fall cleaning. This season, you’ll most likely be spending a lot of time in the kitchen, so make the most of your time there. Fall kitchen cleaning necessitates taking the time to replenish your spice collection. Make sure you have everything you need for fall cooking, including pureed pumpkin and spices, neatly arranged in your cupboard and refrigerator. 

While cleaning, keep an empty box or two around to throw away expired or worn items. When you are finished decluttering your home, you can call a local junk hauler to pick up the items. The time has come to hang the seasonal Christmas décor in your kitchen and cabinets after they have been cleaned, swept, and rearranged.

Get Rid of Tired and Worn Holiday Décor: You most certainly have accumulated a wide assortment of seasonal décor throughout the years. Your beloved magnolia wreath will always be a staple on your front entrance, but that fake holiday tree or somewhat faded plastic pumpkin that doesn’t light up is just taking up room.

See what functions and what doesn’t when you test your holiday lights. Get rid of any interior décor that you don’t think you’ll use or adore. Give your old decorations to a family with little children who could be decorating for the first time this year if you no longer intend to decorate for Halloween. A junk removal service can be a helpful place to call when junk adds up.

Sort Things Out Room by Room: Your space is, of course, an extension of yourself. But maybe you have more blankets, pillows, and trinkets cluttering your area, making your personality practically invisible. Use this time to simplify your space, room by room. Give your living space some TLC by cleaning any designated showcase areas, vacuuming large area rugs thoroughly, and rearranging cabinets and tabletops.

Sort through each room and discard whatever you don’t need. Prioritize clearing up the surfaces of the room before tackling the closets, drawers, and other concealed areas. Donate and garbage piles should be created when organizing items like clothing and blankets. When you’ve finished gathering your clutter, look online for junk hauling near me to find a trusted junk hauler in Kansas City.


Now that everything in your house is tidy and decluttered, focus on rearranging the things you have retained. Reorganizing can be a fantastic idea if you focus on high-traffic areas in your house, like your conversation nook or your old painted secretary desk, where you go to relax and catch up with friends after a long day. You may create a visually appealing focal point by concentrating on a piece of furniture to showcase a variety of books and collectibles, paying attention to the color scheme, and using the same foundation of colors with additional seasonal home elements like pillows and carpets.

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