Lamp Removal

Lamp removal

Lamp Removal

Do you want a reliable and quick way to dispose of your old lamps? David’s Hauling is your best choice in the Kansas City area. Our professional team has the tools and expertise to transport and dispose of your lamps without giving you any trouble.

We acknowledge that light disposal can be hard and time-consuming, particularly if you lack the proper equipment or experience. We can manage the task and relieve your burden. Our team will perform the required heavy lifting to remove your lamps safely, and get it out of your hair in no time.

At David’s Hauling, we are happy to provide prompt, reliable, and cost effective furniture removal services. Our specialists will immediately remove your lamps without causing any property harm.

We prioritize the removal of your old furniture in an environmentally friendly manner, since we believe in doing our part to protect the environment. If you select David’s Hauling for your needs, you can relax knowing that your lamps will be disposed of sustainably. Here are a list of items we can recycle from your old, unwanted lamps:

Glass: If the lamp has glass parts, like shades or globes, they are frequently recyclable.

Metal: Metal parts that can be recycled as scrap metal may be found in lamps.

Light bulbs: Via specialized recycling systems, light bulbs, including incandescent, fluorescent, and LED bulbs, can be recycled.

Electrical wiring: You can recycle lamp electrical wiring as scrap metal.

Lamp bases: Lamp bases can be built of recyclable materials, metal, ceramic, or other materials.

Lampshades: You can recycle the fabric, paper, or plastic used to make lampshades.

Batteries: Certain lamps may include rechargeable batteries, which may be recycled through specific recycling schemes. Rechargeable batteries are also used in cordless lamps.

We are eager to help you and make the relocation of your furniture as simple as possible. We can handle all of your lamp disposal needs. Contact us right away for a price and to arrange a free consultation.