Yard Waste Removal: Preparing Your Outdoor Space for Every Season

Yard Waste Removal Preparing Your Outdoor Space for Every Season

Owning, renting, or leasing property comes with advantages and disadvantages. It’s nice to have a yard to enjoy cookouts, invest in landscaping, and maybe grow a few of your own vegetables. But having a yard also comes with some chores, including seasonal clean-up. Each season brings its own yard waste, but you’ll never be stuck with clippings or debris when you rely on David’s Hauling & Clean-up for yard waste removal in Kansas City.

Organic waste and yard waste are not usually picked up by home trash service. Moreover, most garbage collection companies won’t accept excess junk besides your regular weekly service. David’s Hauling & Clean-up and Moving can help with that. We’ll collect and properly dispose of your excess yard waste so you don’t have to wait for your next regular trash pickup.

Here’s a look at typical yard clean-up after each season:

Beginning of Spring: Typically, a winter season leaves a yard littered with broken branches and debris. First, collect the more considerable debris. Raking will be considerably more straightforward as a result. Any potted plants that you may have forgotten to bring inside during the fall or those that did not survive the winter should be emptied. Take down any holiday decorations that might still be hiding if you haven’t already. Remove debris from each of your planting or landscaping beds. This will allow warm air and light to wake up any perennials you have lying dormant in the ground. Apply an organic fertilizer and give your yard an initial mowing to start the season off right. 

You may gather all of the trash and yard debris in bags for yard waste removal. Compostable material should be kept separate from trash if you want David’s Hauling to recycle the materials. 

End of Summer: Eliminating weeds and deadheading flowers throughout the summer is crucial to keeping your landscape productive and tidy. Because of moderate weather conditions, weeds grow more quickly towards the end of the summer. Make time each week to pull weeds before they go to seed. You can gather this yard debris in a yard-waste bag to be picked up by a Kansas City junk hauling company at the end of the summer. 

Likewise, deadheading your plants regularly can keep your perennial gardens and annual pots looking better. To encourage healthy new growth and the formation of buds, remove any old, wasted blossoms from your plants (doing so by hand is the quickest way to accomplish this). Maintaining consistency in this process prevents plants from becoming straggly-looking. 

Mid to Late Fall: Removing fall foliage from the lawn before fall turns to winter is crucial. The vibrant hues of the leaves could make for a lovely scene, but they can also cause chaos in your garden. Rake and gather leaves on a regular basis; pay particular attention to those that build up on your lawn and flower beds.

A thick layer of leaves on the grass can impede development and act as a haven for pests and plant illnesses. You can create nutrient-rich soil for the upcoming planting season by composting the leaves. If you can’t do the leaf collection on your own or have a vast yard, think about hiring a professional junk removal service to get rid of yard waste. 

Winter: Even though it’s freezing outdoors, you shouldn’t ignore your yard in the winter. Even though we try not to leave furniture and potted plants outside when we clean up in the fall, sometimes we miss things or want to keep using them until true winter hits. It’s a good idea to store any furniture, equipment, planters, and gardening pots that you might have inadvertently left outside throughout the fall. 

Wet winter weather can cause damage to all of these items we have invested money into. Pots made of terracotta, concrete, or ceramics may crack in extremely cold weather. While metal chairs can rust severely in a wet winter, plastic chairs should be fine with light snow. 

Winter mulching is a good idea once the ground has frozen and the plants have gone dormant. It’s better to wait until winter to mulch to stop rodents from creating nests in your mulch. Furthermore, winter mulch keeps the soil in your garden at a consistent temperature. Mulch thoroughly, but leave the mulch a few inches away from the stem of the plant to keep infections and pests out.


If you’re wondering what to do with yard waste in Kansas City, look no further than David’s Hauling & Clean-up. We can even provide same-day service junk removal for your home or yard. Give us a call when you need help with any junk removal or yard waste removal.

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