Vacuum Cleaner Removal

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Vacuum Cleaner Removal, Disposal and Recycling Services in Kansas City

David’s Hauling understands the importance of keeping a clean and orderly home. A clean and sanitary home requires vacuum cleaners, but transitioning to a new model might be difficult.

Our trained staff will collect and responsibly discard your old vacuum, reusing or recycling components whenever possible. We prioritize keeping electronic trash out of landfills, so you can feel good about your decision to upgrade.

We care about the environment and offer environmentally appropriate disposal choices. To reduce waste, we try to recycle as much of the vacuum cleaner as possible, including the metals, plastics, and other components.

Some pieces of the vacuum that can be recycled include some of the following:

  • Plastic components, such as the housing, dustbin, and attachments
  • Metal components, such as the motor, brush bar, and wheels
  • Electrical components, such as the power cord and circuit boards
  • Filters, such as the HEPA filter or foam filter

Keep your home clean and help make the world a healthier place at the same time. Don’t let the difficulty of getting rid of your old vacuum cleaner prevent you from purchasing a new one. For reliable and effective recycling and removal services, get in touch with David’s Hauling.